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A Warm Welcome! Team WEPIC whisks through the www wildlife with only one goal in mind: to make your website a world-class winner! To accomplish that online mission, we offer a wonderful total package. You’ll know what to expect, both practically and financially. Whoop-whoop!

web design

Let’s not beat about the bush … to be wepic, the wow-factor is crucial! We will create a unique web design and a well-considered visual strategy, which will seamlessly integrate with your corporate identity, brand or company. We believe in providing a generous amount of eye candy!

You don’t have your own logo or corporate identity yet? Worry not! We know what to do!


Of course, our technical web wizards are keeping an eye on the intricate web of ones and zeros that form the basis of your online wonder. Whether you open your website on a widescreen device or a smartphone, everything has to work flawlessly – and it has to keep working. We don’t allow our web wonders any strikes or holidays!

Have you already got a website or a web shop? Well, well, well… That shouldn’t be an issue, though. We might be able to raise it to a WEPIC level then!


Www-what? Search Engine Optimisation is the unparalleled winning wisdom of ‘pleasing the search engine’. You know, those sites that answer all of your questions. Whoever fulfils the search engine’s wishes is warmly rewarded with a better position in the many millions of search results … and that is always welcome!

Google dominates 90% of the search engine market, but there are plenty of alternatives: Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc.

Are we on the same wavelength yet? Wonderful!

We can’t wait to get started on your website.

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Here is a sample of our wondrous web repertoire.
Don’t scroll too fast. Make sure that you fully take in how beautifully our creations are presented on any type of device.

Click, tap and swipe away!

#1 SaturdayFlowers


#2 LES


#3 Pontes

Kazerie De Kaasbrug

#4 Kazerie De Kaasbrug


#5 Nooomi


#6 Flavory


#7 Monique Beck


#8 Francolini


#9 Amaj Productions


#10 Bakermat vastgoed


#11 Fonzer


#12 ResetPlus


#13 Corbus


#14 Kegels


#15 Maison Armand

Element 2

Team WEPIC comprises two warm and sympathetic workhorses, each bringing their own worth to the table. After many professional exchanges, they decided to join forces and thus WEPIC was born! Together they want nothing more than to show you the way to a world-class website and whopping wins.

STIJN – wepic developer

ASTRID – wepic designer

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Forget about wild and unexpected costs; our prices – and what each package includes – are listed below. Period. At WEPIC we are waging a war against fickle invoices ourselves, so we tirelessly aim for transparency.


Do you believe in the ‘short and sweet’ principle and do you need a digital business card? Then our WELL formula is exactly what you need. It offers you a handy one-pager with which to showcase your brand, company or services.


Whoever shows off his or her business, wins. Spread your story nicely over several pages (max. 5) thanks to our WINNING package. Let’s go!


Well, what can we say … Of course, this formula – with its very appropriate name – is our favourite. Made to measure! Isn’t that wonderful. We’ll use our expertise and skill to the maximum to present you with a wepic result.

web shop wishlist

There’s no better time to start a web shop than today ;-). Each of our 3 packages can easily be upgraded to a shopping environment. Just say the word and we will start assembling your shop window.

What do you think?

Is there a package that whets your appetite?

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Wonderful, so by now you are convinced by our offer and your finger is already hovering above the ‘Let’s go’ button. But then you suddenly hear that little voice from a dark corner of your mind: ‘A website is nice, but doesn’t it need texts and photos as well? And what about domain names and hosting and …?’ Warning bells all around.

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Let this list of additional services calm you down:

  • Domain name management
  • Hosting management
  • Email management
  • Website maintenance
  • Website security
  • Graphic design (house style and branding)
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • SEOMG – each of our packages includes a solid base of SEO services; the ‘OMG’ version can be ordered and added quickly and easily.
All Zen again? Awesome.

You are free to choose any of these additional wepic services that suit your needs.

Another option is to follow the famous lyrics of Queen and let us know – preferably in an email, to avoid damaging our hearing:

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Each website is hosted on our own server system, which is protected at all times by the necessary – and up to date – security measures. We place great emphasis on website safety. Moreover, daily back-ups are made, which means that your website can be quickly put back online if the worst-case scenario should occur.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. And whoever says search engine, of course, (initially) says Google. We do what is necessary to ensure that you appeal to the world’s largest search engine: based on the texts that you provide for us, we carry out a keyword research to determine which key words and search phrases should be emphasised on your site. Next, we optimise the on-page SEO settings, give your titles the right tags (H1, H2, H3, …) and enhance the readability of your texts. Page titles and meta texts (the descriptions that appear in Google’s search results) are also provided and fine-tuned. All hail Google!

Our SEOMG service is obviously next-level. We will go from ‘search engine pleasing’ to almost literally ‘scratching Google’s back’. The results won’t lie, believe us. SEOMG includes, among other things:

  • a complete professional keyword analysis
  • the integration of search terms in the backend of the website: ALT, meta, HTML-settings, internal linking, etc.
  • additional SEO copywriting where necessary
  • the configuration of a Google Analytics account with the necessary conversions
  • a duration of 3 to 4 months with daily adjustments and evaluations
  • an extensive and detailed report.

Of course it will! If not, we would not dare to call ourselves WEPIC. Don’t stress, your online corner will be admired in all its glory by visitors with a laptop on the table, a tablet on their lap or a smartphone in their hand.

That depends on what you mean by ‘update’. There are 3 possible scenarios:

  • In each of our 3 packages (WELL – WINNING – WEPIC) web care is included by default. This means that all updates concerning CMS, plug-ins and security are 100% taken care of for you.
  • Does ‘updating’ for you mean the actual content of your website, filling it with texts, images or – in the case of a web shop – products? Then we are happy to act as your masterful sidekick, on a time and expense basis.
  • Finally, there is the category of ‘adjustments of all kinds’: after x number of days, picture y or paragraph z could use some freshening up, couldn’t they? Again, call us and we will arrange it … on a time and expense basis.

Of course, BUT…
Allow us to describe it bluntly: ‘Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time’. By this we mean: you can, of course, get access, but it is at your own risk and responsibility. We know from experience that a lot can be broken in a backend with just a few clicks. In such cases, repair costs can quickly add up. Cobbler, stick to your last …

After building your wepic website, you obviously want it to be available anytime, anywhere and as quickly as possible. We will host your website on our extremely fast servers. Updates of the CMS and plug-ins will be arranged for you. And your free domain name (.be, .nl, .eu or .com) is included!

Element 3

What are you waiting for? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?
Drop us a line … and let’s be WEPIC together.

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